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Two-wheelers dominate the streets of Pakistan, with Honda leading the market thanks to popular models like the CG 125, CD70 Dream, and Pridor. These bikes consistently outperform both domestic and imported competitors, solidifying Honda’s reputation in the country.

Latest Prices for Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan - July 2024

The Honda CD 70 Dream, in particular, remains a top seller despite the fluctuations in the rupee’s value. Its popularity is a testament to its reliability and performance, which makes it a preferred choice among many Pakistani riders.

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However, rising prices are becoming a hurdle for potential buyers. The affordability of the Honda CD 70 Dream and similar models is increasingly challenged by these price hikes.

Latest Honda CD70 Dream Price In Pakistan (July 2024)

  • Honda CD70: Rs 157,900
  • Honda CD70 Dream: Rs 168,900

These prices reflect the quality and reliability that come with the Honda brand, making them a worthwhile investment for many Pakistani riders.

Despite the challenges posed by rising prices, Honda motorcycles remain a top choice in Pakistan due to their unmatched durability, performance, and overall value. Whether navigating the city’s busy streets or traversing rough terrains, models like the Honda CD 70 Dream continue to deliver dependable performance, making them a preferred option for many.

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The post Honda CD70 Dream price in Pakistan – July 2024 appeared first on INCPak.

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